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Meet, Cori Rose

Operations Assistant

Whats your favourite thing about working at HARDlight?

My favourite thing about working at HARDlight is being part of a studio of like-minded, talented and creative individuals. I love that I have the cutest set-up in our Reception area with a massive Sonic mural, and I love that every day is different and full of new challenges to overcome.
I also love telling little kids that I'm Sonic the Hedgehog's assistant and seeing their reactions.

What makes working at HARDlight different?

Coming from a hospitality and retail background, it's so relieving to be part of an industry that I'm actually passionate about. I love that creativity, talent and individuality is embraced, and I feel that I fit in perfectly.

Favourite Game?

The game I've put the most hours into is Rock Band 4, but I'm very into zombie and horror games like Outlast, Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead. 

Favourite moment at HARDlight?

Part of my role involves curating, planning and coordinating events throughout the year and I find it so rewarding seeing the team genuinely enjoy themselves. 

What are you most proud of?

I'm going to toot my own horn, *toot toot* and say myself.

I've always dreamed of working in the games industry and never thought I'd find my place. My job role at HARDlight is perfect for me, and it feels so good to be part of such a great working environment.